Lorraine Berkshire-Roe, Illustrator and Artist

I am a freelance illustrator and artist based in Oxford. I work with a variety of media, from painting to digital art and I also work with papier maché. I hope you enjoy browsing my website. If you would like to commission some illustration or a piece of papier maché artwork then please email and we can discuss what would be possible.

I also have an online shop with Etsy and a Facebook ART blog,  the links for those are in the 'Links' section.


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  1. julia van beuningen avatar
    julia van beuningen Feb 8, 2018

    Hi loraine,
    My boyfriend and i bought one of your papuer mache dogs with the maps kn the afflrdable art fair ablut two years ago. We love it! Would you be willing to make us another one? It would be so great to have two of them together, one for each of our real dogs:) i look forward to hearing from you and hope you get this message!

    Thank you so much!