Lorraine Berkshire-Roe, Illustrator and Artist

Birds on Biscuits

The Birds on Biscuits are made from Papier maché with wood, milliput and nails also used in the initial construction. They are painted using acrylic paint and then varnished. They are realistic but whimsical and definately not completely scientifically accurate! I hope they raise a smile.

There are a variety of birds and biscuits (and one cake!) All of the Birds on Biscuits I have made so far are in this section. If you would like to commission a Bird on Biscuit then please contact me, bearing in mind I may have some in progress.

If you would like to purchase some of my artwork, then you can click on my ETSY link in the 'link' section on the top menu bar to see what I have available.


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